Bishop Mark Hagemoen, 6th Bishop of Mackenzie-Fort Smith

Bishop Mark

Born and raised in Vancouver, after completing his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Arts) at the University of British Columbia, and a year of travel throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe, Rev. Dr. Hagemoen entered St. Peter’s Seminary in London Ontario, completing his Masters of Divinity degree in 1990. He was ordained in Vancouver by Bishop Lawrence Sabatini in May 1990. He completed the National Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies and the Diploma for Advanced Studies in Ministry in 1997. He earned a Doctor of Ministry program at Trinity Western University, which he completed in 2007. In December 2007, he was honoured by Pope Benedict XVI, who recognized him as a “Prelate of Honour” with the title Monsignor for his work in the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Beginning in 2004, then Rev. Hagemoen was appointed for the Archdiocese of Vancouver to several administrative roles, including: Vicar of Pastoral Services; Moderator of the Curia, and Vicar General. He was appointed principal of St. Mark’s and president of Corpus Christi Colleges in 2011. He also served on a number of church, school, and other not-for-profit boards and committees.

On October 15, 2013, Pope Francis named him the sixth Bishop of the Diocese of Mackenzie -Fort Smith. The ordination and installation took place on December 15, 2013 at Saint Patrick’s High School in Yellowknife.

Bishop Mark Hagemoen’s Coat of Arms


Horizontal Line with Two Peaks divides the shield, referring to Bishop Hagemoen’s birthplace in North Vancouver, and to his love of hiking in the Coastal Mountains, specifically the area of the twin peaks known as The Lions. White is indicative of the mountains of British Columbia and the snow of Northwest Territories. The lighter blue band along the crest of evokes the great Deh-Cho or Mackenzie River, the ancient link and source of sustenance for the Aboriginal peoples.

Mountains form an “M” signifying Mary, the Mother of God and Star of the New Evangelization.

The Sun depicts the ‘midnight sun’ of northern Canada and refers to Jesus Christ, the light to all the nations (Luke 1: 78-79). The sun’s eight golden rays represent the Beatitudes. This feature links Bishop episcopal ordination to the pontificate of Pope Francis, who adjusted his coat-of-arms after his election to the Chair of Peter to include an eight-point star representing the eight Beatitudes.

The Fish is one of the oldest symbols of Christ. The image of three fish evokes the Holy Trinity, which is also the name of Bishop Hagemoen’s home parish in North Vancouver. The fish depicted here are Arctic char, a key food source of the Northwest Territories.

The Winged Lion with the Scriptures, depicting Saint Mark the Evangelist, refers to the name given to Bishop Hagemoen at baptism and to his previous service as Principal of Saint Mark’s Theological College in Vancouver. The lion faces east towards the rising sun.

The Episcopal Motto, PAX, SERVITUS, SPES: “Peace, Service, Hope”. The reference is Trinitarian: The Father is the author of all creation, the source of true and lasting peace; the Son, Jesus Christ is the ultimate servant, who gives His life for God’s people, restoring all to wholeness and fullness of life; the Holy Spirit is God’s presence in the world, who stirs human hearts to conversion, reconciliation, and renewed hope.

The Hat with Six Tassels on the sides is emblematic of the episcopal office and is present on every Roman Catholic bishop’s coat of arms.

The Processional Cross is the backdrop of a Bishop’s Coat of Arms. Bishop Hagemoen’s coat of Arms includes the Chi Rho, the first two letters of the Greek word “Christ,” the Crucified and Risen Saviour.