Your support helps us train and support our pastoral leaders, priests, sisters and local parishioners in our Diocese. Marriage and sacramental preparation and retreats are active ways we show our belief and hope in a brighter future. Youth, young adult, families and communities come together building in Christ’s name a community of hope.

Your gift to the Appeal helps fund the critical ministries that encourage prayer, service, sharing and engagement in the parish and the community. Gifts of any size make a difference as we come together building in hope a community in Christ’s name.

Bishop Appeal Brochure 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Our One God:

Our theme for this year’s Bishop’s Appeal is “BUILDING IN HOPE”. This theme reminds us that we have hearts and minds of much hope, because we are living and working towards a hope-filled future … for our children & young people, families, and elders. Such a future will mean bringing to bear all our efforts and resources to inspire and help people move forward towards what will make a meaningful and blessed difference for their lives.

As we make our way on this journey, many of us deal with various pressing needs. We are blessed to be able to help in opening a good way for others. Your gift to the Bishop’s Appeal will contribute to building hope for our young people as they grow in knowledge, love of God and service to others in our communities; for young adults as they emerge as leaders in our parishes and communities; for adults and families seeking to develop in their faith and life skills. As well, you will be building hope for all those who turn to one of our Catholic programs and services because they are hungry, or hurting, or homeless or perhaps marginalized, in need of healing or other assistance. With your gift, you are building hope for others. Thank you for recognizing that God has given us the blessings of faith, family and treasure. I ask you to be generous so that together we may ensure that all those who are seeking hope will find a way open for them. My prayers and best wishes for you and your families,

Sincerely yours in Our One Lord,
Mark A. Hagemoen
Bishop, Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith